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Help Improving Site For Competition Please

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Help Improving Site For Competition Please

Postby Logann » Jan 15th, '10, 18:13

Hey tr. I'm in Internet Design at my school and over the last month or more we've been working on creating a website advertising Washington D.C. to our club or whatever. It took a lot of work since I'm not really great with this stuff. Well anyways out of the 8 sites in our school created my groups was one of the two chosen for regionals. Since I took so much time in it anyway, I figure I should at least try to make it the best I can now that it's this far.

Please just look at this site my group made and give me suggestions on how to improve it before regional competition. I'd really appreciate it and I don't mind critisism but don't tell me just how badd it iss..... lol.
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