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! The GTA V Thread !

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Re: ! The GTA V Thread !

Postby gutawafang » Jul 15th, '14, 01:35

Atone wrote:
IBasicallyRage wrote:
Melanie wrote:I was too shy to play in a session, so I left. lol

You wouldn't get in my car ):

just a heads up, if your in a session with me and a bunch of CTOA crew, keepa distance if you want to spectate the chaos, they don't mind you, but, if things get as wil as they did a few nights ago where it was like, 10 of us against an entire lobby, lmao, sometimes we accidently kill people who didn't even intend to be in the battle cuz they got to close, i mean, what you saw tonight was 6 on 2, sometimes the lobby is lie, 10 ctoa members with a few random ppl, and there's always 1 dumbass that shoots first, and we end up chasing them outta the lobby lmao

the other night, there was me and 7 other crew members fighting the entire lobby, and there would be like 2 random players just spectating, but would be in cars driving by us, sometimes, they even got right in front of wgho we were shooting at so, eventually we just started killing them to.

but for the most part, the CTOA crew is all friendly, unless you shoot at us first and then, as you seen today were all on foot blasting on the dude rofl,

the best part of the crew is that we are all legit, if any of the members are caught modding/hacking/gl;itching they get booted because the leader of the crew is actually in with rockstar, so anytime there's a new member he has rockstar watch that guy to find out if he does any weird shit, so most of the time were all grinding missions for our money, with a few random shootouts in the lobby sometimes.

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