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GTA 6: Possible Locations, Wishes, and General Discussion

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GTA 6: Possible Locations, Wishes, and General Discussion

Postby Atone » Oct 19th, '13, 10:46

So now that i beat GTA 5, and started from the beginning, i was thinking about what i would want to see in GTA 6

Possible Locations
Honestly, GTA has always went with a story for it's locations, and i would love to see GTA 6 be in Ludendorff, possibly before the heist we see in GTA 5, maybe even have Trevor, and Michael as playable characters again, and instead of just 3 characters to use, have 4, the 3rd being Brad, with the 4th character being a female.

GTA has never had a female for a lead character, i think they should do it for their next game.

Other Possible Locations

Another idea, 3 main characters in 3 different locations, the story could all end in 1 if done right,

Have 1 character based in Detroit (with a small area of Canada), have 1 character based in texas (with a small area of Mexico), and have a 3rd character in Florida (MAYBE, a bigger version of vice city)

Now that i think about it, that maybe be TOO MUCH, map for 1 game, a cool idea, but could a game hold that much? probably not, so here's another idea

The game COULD, be based in Florida, as i said, a re-made edition of Vice City, but with the quality of the map of GTA 5, and within the game, have talk of activity going on in Detroit and Texas (drug deals and weapons type stories) and with that being the main story, do like they did with GTA 4, and have 2 other seperate games, exept those can be based on the characters from Detroit and Texas.

Have the Texas gameplay have the addition of horses and a small mix of what we saw in Red Dead Redemption.

This can be an all brand new story, start from scratch type thing, a new series, and could easily make a ton of money for Rockstar.

Gameplay Design
I love the way GTA 5 is deisnged with the gameplay, being able to shot gas tanks and make the gas spill out in trails while driving until you tun out of gas, that type of stuff was interesting, what i would like for them to add is the ability to rob more places in the regular game (Not just online) but make it to where you can attempt to rob banks (that itself could cause a 3 or 4 star wanted level)

Also, create the ability to own more businesses, so even after you beat the game, you still have things to work up to, that could take weeks or even months to do,

bring back the Stock Market and have it based on actual gameplay outside of missions, for example, in GTA 5, you can have stock in GoPostal, but if you destroy a bunch of Post Op trucks it does nothing for the stock, with the new stock market, have it to where what you do during gameplay, effects the market.

I love the mini/side stuff, where you gotta chase down people who stole wallets and stuff, keep that, and throw in more,

Bring back the ability to kidnap, when you steal a car, the passengers shouldn't get out right away, if you kidnap them, you get police after you, and their family could offer a price to be paid if you let them go, and if you escape the police, you keep the money.


I love the fact that in GTA 5 you can buy add on's for the weapons, keep that for GTA 6, but add more, when you walk into an Ammunation, have there be a full wall for mele weapons, knives, bats, crowbars, nightsticks, chains, and all sorts of stuff, (remember the funny weapons in those old road rash games?)

Rocket Launchers are cool but should not be easy to buy in an Ammu-nation, have a special store just for the exp-loasives, or a back room in Ammu-nation,


The fact that some of the vehicles were able to haul boats and stuff was cool, but in GTA 6, make that apart of the vehicle mods, when you go into a garage, make it to where you can add on something to your vehicle to tow another vehicle, maybe so it can be part of side missions where you can steal cars to sell them for extra money, throw in vehicles that you can take to race at speedways

(here in Florida we have a racetrack called sunshine speedway, where i've seen street cars, even stationwagons get raced, figure 8's and stuff) add that in the game, race tracks, where you can race for cash, and the cash you make from races could go towards mods to fix your vehicle up for more races.

i could go on with this, but what would you guys like to see in GTA 6?
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Re: GTA 6: Possible Locations, Wishes, and General Discussio

Postby ladelsofgravy » Oct 19th, '13, 11:13

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Re: GTA 6: Possible Locations, Wishes, and General Discussio

Postby ladelsofgravy » Oct 19th, '13, 11:15

One thing I would like in GTA VI is to focus on detail rather than size. Basically, keep it a small area, like Vice City. For those who want a massive world, GTA5 Online can last 10 years if it wants to. But in a small area, make every building have an interior. Make every person someone you can actually conversate with.
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