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Titanfall beta is available for Xbox One users

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Re: Titanfall beta is available for Xbox One users

Postby Epidemik » Feb 28th, '14, 10:01

DetroitSkills wrote:
Epidemik wrote:
DetroitSkills wrote:Cod will be more successful than titan fall simply because titanfall isnt on all systems.
However. The only cod killer is cod itself.. Everyone throws that cod killer bullshit around like cod didnt kill itself when in fact it did. Every year the skill gap gets lower and us real players dont like that because it makes it to easy for scrubs to kill us. Therefore all kds tend to drift towards one. Theres no skill gap. Granted mines not 1.00 its 2.85 but im just saying thats how the game is now, its more random than it has been before. Ghosts killstreaks absolutely suck dick. Thats another thing. But anyways. Yea xbox and pc ppl who play cod will buy titanfall. But cod dont come out til later. So theyll buy cod too. Im not any sort of cod fanboy infact i dislike mw3 n ghosts hardly play them. Lol

Agree with this completely.. I was a massive fan of black ops 2, but then they started nerfing and balancing EVERYTHING.. its retarded... plus I think quick scoping is the dumbest shit.. COD is retarded in that regard. You will see all kinds of fags running around like rambo with a sniper rifle and other people camping with a smg... stupid.
I still enjoy it.. just wish they would fix some of the bs.

And Titanfall 2 on PS4 isn't officially confirmed as far as I know... devs said its a "possibility"...its just very likely that if it does well, Sonly will invest loads in order to get on that money train in the future.

#teamBO2 :worship: :laughing:

they really went crazy nerfing tho, an94, msmc, pdw, etc. the game was fine on release imo :coffee:

agree 100%
when the game first came out, it was balanced perfect. msmc was my go-to gun but after they nerfed it, i couldnt even use it anymore. I still use the an94, but its not the same....They just need to get rid of the stupid quick scoping and I would be happy.. I cant stand when people run around like rambo with the sniper rifle.. so stupid.
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