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What books are you reading? Last read?

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Re: What books are you reading? Last read?

Postby Josh » Nov 7th, '14, 20:52

Faust: the first part of the tragedy from Goethe

mind blowing
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Re: What books are you reading? Last read?

Postby TonyTilt » Nov 7th, '14, 21:33

Dude that Corey Taylor book looks sick!

I'm bout to give The Power of Now another chance.
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Re: What books are you reading? Last read?

Postby Plank » Nov 7th, '14, 21:42

Calandre wrote:I have two copies at home but I haven't read any... shame on me... (I have to confess I got the book because Viggo was in the film...)

The film was great, but the book really is a lot better, a lot of details were missed in the film!

Although it is really depressing
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