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Homophobia in football

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Re: Homophobia in football

Postby Devil'sAdvocate » Oct 14th, '14, 20:25

Calandre wrote:
Devil'sAdvocate wrote:I don't know where you learned English, 'Hilarious' is not an insult.

Would you ever say "black people are hilarious"?
And since you ask, not at the American University but serving coffees and cleaning tables. I don't think is that bad for a waitress, innit?

I'm not gonna mention how your argument is a fallacy, oops.

Oh, then you're excused, I'll lower my expectations. you have my sympathy.
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Re: Homophobia in football

Postby Charlotte » Oct 14th, '14, 20:41

Calandre wrote:I work with a gay guy who happens to be a massive Barca fan. Like many other guys I know.

All barca fans are gay :'))
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Re: Homophobia in football

Postby CrashBand » Oct 14th, '14, 23:30

Sport culture is hugely homophobic and misogynistic.

(anecdotally, lol)
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