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New Banner GFX Contest - For Realsies [On Hold]

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New Banner GFX Contest - For Realsies [On Hold]

Postby sneakerheadshady » Dec 15th, '13, 01:15

Ok guys so as many of you know we actually have a chance to get a new banner (and much more) becuase TRshady is at least temporarily back :)

Anyways, I thought it would a cool idea for the site to have a contest to see what the new banner will be.
So, for the rules:
you may enter 1 time.
When I have 8 entries (16 if tons of people are interested)
We will vote and play it like an elimination game to determine the winner.
If you have an entry post it in here.
Dimensions must be the same as the one we have now.
Good luck, and may the best win!!

Also, the winner may have small changes made to it if most people agree.

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Re: New Banner GFX Contest - For Realsies

Postby CanadaPure » Dec 15th, '13, 01:20

If you are interested in this contest, you could say you are (or post your design concepts) here for now - viewtopic.php?f=91&t=167792

Sneaker and I have agreed to leave this on hold until it is given the okay to be officially used at the moment. Enough people would need to express interest for this to happen, so check out the above thread please and thank you!
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