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Graphics heads - set up!

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Re: Graphics heads - set up!

Postby sneakerheadshady » Dec 15th, '13, 16:08

TRshady wrote:The forum is undergoing a bunch of upgrades to resolve speed issues and bring the look up to date a little. The dark theme we have at the moment is likely to be replaced in the near future, but I'll be interested in your thoughts two weeks from now.

That aside, you'll notice a lot of the emoticons now have an awkward white border: :flower: :o :whistle: :shifty:

I've corrected a few, but the animated emoticons in particular have me stumped :unsure:
Anyone able to help?

If a graphics pro can remove the white edges and then upload 'em here - I have no doubt Santa will visit this year.


i can help, and for the moving ones, im guessing they are gif, which means each individual part is a seperate pic that must be edited. should i just save the files off the site? or what?
(in order to fix them)

gonna put the fixed ones in here as i do them:

hopefully they work


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