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thought i'd share this...

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thought i'd share this...

Postby sandro » Feb 9th, '14, 04:30

its pretty much my sig but blown up.. i kinda got stuck on ideas and just left it, if anyone wants to touch it up or anything

theres two versions, i dont have the psd file anymore unfortunately :(
the first verison:
the second version:
We get it poppin', my strap have 'em flockin' like LeBron
Teflon don, rollie on my arm, southside bomb
Spit the Gemstar out and your face gone
My rap lines is the bomb like napalm
Las Vegas in the Cosmo, bad blonde
As brolic Scarlett Johansson
Fuck her with my Maison Margielas on
Ten years in the game, runnin' marathons
Disloyal niggas got they Halloween mask on
Solo dolo in the Stingray, get my mash on
Hundred horses in the engine, revvin' stallions
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