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Louis C.K. is hilarious!

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Louis C.K. is hilarious!

Postby Blu » Aug 26th, '12, 09:39

First time watching the guy and he is just hilarious.

I need to get into more of his stuff.

Almostlity wrote:Grow up faggots

EminemInsider wrote:Jesus Christ, HOW FUCKING STUPID ARE YOU PEOPLE?!?!?!?!?!
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Re: Louis C.K. is hilarious!

Postby SliK » Aug 26th, '12, 09:57

He has a show called Louie that is worth watching, but his stand up shows are the best.
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Re: Louis C.K. is hilarious!

Postby EminemBase » Aug 26th, '12, 18:46

Definitely one of the top stand-ups in a long time. Louie is great too.
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Re: Louis C.K. is hilarious!

Postby Elision » Sep 5th, '12, 07:38

Greatest alive

edit: and by far the hardest working
i'm comin in, drivin my short bus
with this nose i don't need a torch up
bustin through, light the industry's porsche up
comin after who didn't support us...
imma change your brain bring
every wicked bit of strange to mainstream
-Tech N9ne #SpecialEffects2015
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