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Remove the post approval

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Re: Remove the post approval

Postby VeNoMmaLicious » Jul 26th, '11, 17:03

C.R.E.A.M wrote:
Chet Starr wrote:I lowered the post count approval to 1, cause we just aren't approving posts fast enough. This should allow new users to interact more, and still prevent bots from posting. :b:

What ? That's a bad idea, imo. You should at least make it 5 or 10 .. 20 is a lot but 1 ? That's way too small .. bots will be everywhere by now.

I agree, 1 posts is too less.. 5 posts is alright though.
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Priclycheniya materogo sharikopodshibnika

Postby Obsexosse » Oct 21st, '11, 20:53

Privet vsem! Druz'ya ya vchera tak najralsya, ny pryam svin'ya(( Hotite raskaju chto bilo?
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