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New Vets - 2014 Edition

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Re: New Vets - 2014 Edition

Postby SliK » Feb 7th, '14, 00:41

Haha, keep telling yourself that ;)
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Under The Influence
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Re: New Vets - 2014 Edition

Postby Notalius » Feb 7th, '14, 01:01

Why are you all complaining this much when it comes to mods. Ya'll are complaining about the mods themselves, not their work. So far I can't really complain about them except a few exceptions when it comes to activity.

Just reveal the last vet for this edition and lock this shit.

EDIT: since we are at it, Amadeo should be vet again, technically he is.

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Re: New Vets - 2014 Edition

Postby Tash8 » Feb 7th, '14, 01:13

Why is everyone is so mad? :'(

can we all just decide to devet SajN and be orgy happy
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