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Forum Guidelines

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Forum Guidelines

Postby TRshady » Jan 15th, '05, 14:17

As much as we want this to be a place to be enjoyable, it is important a few guidelines are set, and what should be followed to make sure things run smoothly. Check back often as it will be edited and the main points are highlighted in green.

This is a community .. communicate! - Please try to avoid one or 2 word replies when responding to posts. Much like 1 word answers in real life, it doesn't keep things exciting, go the extra mile and create discussion points. If you frequently post one or two word meaningless replies they will be deleted and you may face a ban. And please do not post in ALL CAPITALS as it is considered shouting and is unsightly.

Post in English only - As much as the community consists of a world-wide userbase, this is an English speaking only forum. Speaking in an another language excludes many members and is an unsociable use of this discussion board, defeating the point as I'm sure you'll understand. Mucho Gracias!

Respect the decisions of board staff - Wether or not you agree with an action of the staff, do not argue with them. They are here to help the board run smoothly and if you do have a major problem with a staff member, contact me, never flame. Under any circustances never dicuss staff or question their actions on a forum, always come to me with your problems.

Use Appropriate Thread Titles - When starting a new thread/topic, use a meaningfull title. 'Help Me', 'check this' are no use to anyone, use a title which reflects the topic. 'Illmatic Thoughts', 'Recommend a Comedy film' and so on are the way to go. Also, although not a strict guideline, please try to avoid 12 year old AOL style talk, remember people from all over the world post here and english can be hard enough to read and right without the the 'i fink dat itz kool' and so on.

Remember this is a Fansite - The board has been made for the dicussions of Eminem fans, if you would claim to be otherwise, any post made to anger fans and written without thought, only to preach hate will be deleted without reason. We encourage conflicting opinions but obvious hate is not accepted and will be dealt with. Please help us to retain the growing friendly community we have here at Respect the fact that members here are fans of Shady / Aftermath. This rule of course includes hating on other artists with provocative posts, use common sense and realize we have a diverse family here.

No offensive posting - This needs little explanation but is one that must be followed or will quickly result in a ban. Use common sense when posting, and do not post if your cause is to offend someone, racist remarks for example will not be tolerated and accounts will be permanently banned. This also includes the posting of any media related to pornography, terrorism and simlar controversial issues. This includes pointless messages with abusive language.

No spamming - This applies to any post which is made for the sole benefit of the poster and includes threads promoting sites / forums or repatedly posting meaningless replies. Once again use common sense when posting. Links to sites are allowed in the signature and can be mentioned if they are of relevance to a topic and will provide some kind of solution for the user.

There also must be no freeposting or any kind of post which is only carried out in order to increase post count, for example posting only emoticons. This also includes pointless threads which are made for no specific reason. Furthermore, under no circumstance are members allows to advertise their products on the forum, contact me for information on charged advertising. You also cannot request downloads if you have not contributed to the forum yourself. Any request threads by a poster with less then 10 posts shall be deleted without question.

Contact staff if you have a problem - If you have a problem with another member for whatever reason, do not under any circumstances 'fight' in threads, either settle differences outside the forum or contact staff. This includes petty forum 'beefs' which create a negative atmosphere.

Avatar sizes - In order to ensure top overall performance of the forum the maximum size an avatar can be is 120x120 pixels and a filesize of no more then 50kb. Please remember to keep them non offensive.

Signatures - Although you can promote other sites through a banner of text link, the banner itself cannot be a 'flashing' banner, or one which is obstructive. These are unsightly effecting the readability of the forum and also slows the speed down having great effect on dial up users. The maximum total size in height of your signature must not exceed 150px in height or 500px in width, for the reasons mentioned above, this includes all images and text you may have. Breaking this rule will have your signature removed without notice.

No tasteless 18+ content - The majority of users are teenagers, many under 18 and for this reason no content, not suitable for the age group can be posted. This rule only really applies to tasteless pornography but do consider the age range before posting questionable content.

Usernames - A username is your identity online and we would be wrong to force names upon you, thankfully this isn't the case but there are a few points to consider before choosing a name. It cannot be an offensive/racial term and neither can it be a website address as this is clear advertising. Any such usernames will be changed without notice. Important: You can only have ONE account on this forum, if you are found to be posting under different names, all accounts will be banned.

Avoid posting your email address! - Try to refrain from posting your email address, a better method would be to pm whoever you intended to give it to or alternatively post it in the following format: tony(at)

This is likely to be edited often and added too. The forum is relaxed and the staff are not here to tell people off, but to support and take part when they choose. Overall, have fun posting, supporting and we're to make that visit that little bit better.

Remember that posting here is a priveledge, not a right and if you choose to not abide by the rules you will be removed from the forum and also ip banned from the whole site. Please help us to make this a better place for everyone by setting an example.

Site Admin - TRshady

please understand on this section, like all other sections of the forum, if you do not read the rules before posting, the staff has every right to take offensive action against you, as ignoring the rules itself is an offence. :y:
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