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beat making

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beat making

Postby nasty » Dec 13th, '10, 17:53

hey i got ubuntu... anyone know of good beat making software?

right now i use hydrogen and audacity and i just downloaded jokosher but i haven't tried it out yet

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Re: beat making

Postby beatsbyj » Dec 13th, '10, 18:19

FL Studio :worship:
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Re: beat making

Postby Elision » Dec 19th, '10, 06:28

beatsbyj wrote:FL Studio :worship:
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Re: beat making

Postby iMPERIAL » Dec 21st, '10, 23:59

FL Studio is great for making beats alright, Boi-1-da made the Forever beat and the Not Afriad beat on it. But its not free, unless you acquire it illegally.

Another program that id reccomend is Cubase, but again its not free.
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