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Tablets (iPad?)

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Tablets (iPad?)

Postby Maybe » May 23rd, '11, 18:50

Anyone here have one or plan on getting one?

The iPad 2 has some programs that are helpful to musicians or editors, so I'll be getting one pretty soon. Evidently you can run a synthesizer on the iPad 2 while it's hooked to your PC and use it to process while you adjust your sounds/keys on the iPod. Also, you can pretty much use the iPad as a keyboard or drum machine and later mix your work (or fix your notes/keys) on the computer. Considering the Korg I want runs about $1200, and the Korg soundbank runs about $200, I'd rather buy the iPad for $600 with the sound bank, and get the functionality of a drum machine, synth, piano, and media device all in one package.

I'm not really interested in the media aspect though, because with an iPod a tablet is obsolete if you're just using it for videos/notes/wifi.
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Re: Tablets (iPad?)

Postby Eazy-GFX » May 24th, '11, 16:47

Shit, I just went out and bought a MacBook Air not too long ago... I honestly don't think I really need an iPad. The iPad 2 looks damn fine from what I've read/heard about it, though. :y:
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