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Holy Shit, This Looks Interesting | Nokia N9

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Re: Holy Shit, This Looks Interesting | Nokia N9

Postby TommiTMX » Jul 9th, '11, 12:57

I had an N900 and loved almost every part of it, the only thing I genuinely didn't like was the lack of portrait mode, everything else about the phone was godly. Don't get me wrong, I love Android and have a Galaxy S2 at the minute which is easily the best phone on the market currently, but I spent over a year when I had the N900 looking forward to the N9 and MeeGo. Turns out that there was a lot of talk and for a good two years or so it was all talk so I gave up on it (and that's when I switched to Android).

The problem with the N9 is that the stupid CEO of Nokia has said clearly even if the N9 sells well he doesn't see a future for MeeGo, that means they won't update it at all which leads to a dead phone. It was horrible watching Nokia destroy the N900 with lack of support, couldn't stand to watch them do it to something that shows that much promise.
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