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Brain Damage

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Brain Damage

Postby Dewey Decimal » Dec 4th, '14, 02:17

Im crazy, plus i got Brain Damage
Dumber than Rain Man is
I'll make an alien wonder if were from the Same planet
No education so i Talk like a Fool
I bet ur happy u skipped-class the day i Shot up the school
I make these Kids-glad they didnt follow the rules
i dont need laxitives to Soften my stool
Cuz shitting on these comformists is All that i do
Saying the rhymes are wack is like trying to sniff a line of crack
i smile in the mirror but that bitch dont smile back
King of the lions, in the jungle swinging on vines
Dunno if im crazy or if my brain is damaged, B
And they still say theres a thin line between genius and insanity?
I guess that makes me a genius w/ Brain damage
My Jesus is Satanic and im from the crew of MC's that just Hate Rappin'
No Arms So Whats the point of this Straight Jacket?
The Planes Crashing,
Cuz theres no wheels and ur still expecting a Safe Landing?

Dewey Decimal
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