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What y'all think?

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What y'all think?

Postby SpiderDiaze » Nov 15th, '13, 22:32

Coming down on a mudslide
Like a vibe, I just glide
Makin you all hide
Not moving until you smell like you just died
They call me Cobain's shotgun I end careers
Quicker than a fat dude crashed his truck
Into a family of deers after 6 beers
I roll like a set of dice
You can call me Sonny from Miami Vice
Im an upgrade from Macklemore
And Vanilla Ice
My mind is darker than Charles Manson
So I captured the rap game
And held it for a million dollar ransom
While I listen to my Janet Jackson album

I'm just a white British kid seen as a Hip Hop militant
Entered the Hip Hop scene illegally like an immigrant
Now I'm seen as a diligent migrant
Who sparked a mainstream incident
What a coincidence
I’m now all alone like a homeless child hungry to the bone
Moved to the big city and saw things differently
Like I’m about to take the game instantly
While I see me career distantly
Committing criminal activity for the publicity
Dreams seem a reality like an outsider within the locality
so I rhyme to strike the nerve within your teeth’s cavity
making your dreams ever so slightly
like the mind of a mental patients insanity
while I find myself in the mind of your girlfriends sexual fantasy

I create pain and make it rain
Leave careers dead in the game
Like a shotgun shell lodged
Inside Kurt Cobain's brain
My head is in pain, migraine
Like I shot a Great Dane in the head
And set it on fire with propane
I’m an irritation like a pussy with thrush
I’m like a shit that doesn't flush
I get into you’re sisters pussy like the end of a hairbrush
while high on that OG kush
I see it as a learning curve
Diss rappers in my rhymes which is best served
Like I struck a raw nerve in their spinal curve
While I leave rappers with a muscle spasm
Like I left Mila Kunis with an intense orgasm
With a face covered in Jewish ectoplasm

I wish my rhymes scored points like hat tricks
Not confuse the dyslexic with simple mathematics
I want them to be up there with the classics
But the only thing that is stopping is my antics
So I guess I gotta start bein romantic
To be seen with the latest One Direction fanatics
Or am I just bein over dramatic?
You will fucking remember me
Like Marylin Monroe’s prescriptions pills stacked by her right knee
Jackin off to the bitches on Glee
Cutting up babies on Teen Mom MTV
Got laid by Farrah Abraham and caught HIV
So I picked up my belongings and fleed
The scene of a young whores disease
Pussy smelling likes goats cheese
I tied her up and sold her to the chinese
For the latest DVD's
To chill and watch while smoking blue cheese
Now I live my last moments covered in fleas
By the dead sea while taking the D.
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Re: What y'all think?

Postby CanadaPure » Nov 15th, '13, 23:08

You need a link of feedback, and I'll reopen.
That was me in BK on Atlantic. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) BasedSig
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