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ShotGun Sally

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ShotGun Sally

Postby Littliepuppys713 » Sep 27th, '14, 23:07

Barrel lengths five five
Keeps me alive tragic eyes
Reapers hives one forty four fives
9 mills dropping pills
Writing wills ill with chills
Frozen still
Pays the bills, climbed Islamic hills
Obama's deep in debt could be death
Regret this bet, past sets, pussy's cant get WET
Shotgun Sally test, at your worse or best
Reptilian mind programmed prior to time
You know this is MINE
Beat mind control using super slime
Ego based Inner light lime
Matter crime paved judgment line
Devils traps beat the strap
Eminem doesn't want CRACK
Wiser saps, leaped through chat
Kitty cat's True love beats
Mac G's pop cheese
Slim heats these creeps while eating peeps
Shady's whacked, Ladies hacked, Universe is stacked, Tracks coming back
Enter-prize rewind, my fans wearing a purple tie.
Past blue sleepy lies were they true ?
Revived this guy who's super shy yummy pie.
We promise to always cry, at least try with a sigh

Hailie found sumguy fry - oh my is Kevin High
Not Federline better and fine always on her mind

Came back to find those three lines
Triangles made with fine dimes
pours out wine Caught you again
Computer Friend heard the security chime
You leave a yellow shine
Smile and wave Tailie, behave
Be BRAVE heard your name on the radio waves
Mommy J and Daddy M love your curious crave
innocent and strange a beautiful brain
JM created this dame almost made us insane
Forgot she had justice and chains no false claims
Eat Your Heart OUT and re train again
Madame Mercy
Littliepuppys or LP
Just Underworld Reporter .. Were the truth will be told and Secrets are no More
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