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Road to Recovery [Eminem Audio Drama Outline]

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Road to Recovery [Eminem Audio Drama Outline]

Postby Copper » Oct 1st, '14, 18:04

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Okay, so...When I was in High School and Recovery was still the most recent Eminem album to be released, I had an idea to write a little plot that would link all of the songs (save for some that I couldn't fit in, but pretty much everything) together. It was, for lack of a better term, an "Eminem musical". It SOUNDS really bad, but trust me, I think the story links all the songs together REALLY well.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Copper, how can you take these songs that are disconnected and link them together? Wouldn't the words of songs like Not Afraid cause problems with plot?"

Basically, I'm editing SOME parts of the songs. Not everything, since then it would defeat the purpose of the whole thing, but some parts are changed to make it fit the story.

What I'm gonna do right now is post the outline, and let you guys look at it and see if you can help me out with planning it, and eventually MAYBE getting it produced for online viewing.

SO! Here's the full outline (Funny thing, I came up with the nickname "Kane" WAY before I knew Eminem's brother Nathan also had that as a nickname. Thought I'd share that, haha

Episode 1: Not Afraid

1. Introduces Kane (Real Name: Stan Dido), and he talks about his dead brother and how he’ll make a difference in the world.
2. His pride leads into “Not Afraid”.
3. Kane goes out to meet his friend after the song. (Introduces Kane’s female friend Kim)
4. Kim and Kane share a moment where Kane admits his feeling for her, and Kim, nervous, comes clean about her current relationship which she began to keep secret when her boyfriend, Paul, got abusive.
5. Kim’s story leads into “Love the Way You Lie”
6. Kane promises to never do that to her, and the two start a relationship that Kim urges him to not talk about in public. Kane invites her to come live at his place. She accepts.
7. Paul sees the two kissing in an alley, and gets angry, jealous, and vengeful. He gets Kim alone, and talks to her, pretending to be sorry for his abusiveness.
8. His lies lead into “Seduction”
9. While this is going on, Kane is out buying a ring for Kim. He’d been saving the money for a special girl, and he thinks Kim is that girl.
10. Kane comes home to find Kim and Paul “going at it” in the bed. He realizes what’s going on behind his back, and loses all of his composure.
11. His anger leads into “Cold Wind Blows”.
12. He storms out of the house, after making sure that Kim knows it’s over.
13. He pawns the ring off, getting half of what he paid for it. He doesn’t care at this point.
14. He heads to the bar, and blows all the money he got back from the ring on alcohol.
15. As he drinks, the episode closes with Kane’s sorrow leading into “Going Through Changes”.

Episode 2: No Love

1. The episode opens with Kane wallowing in the misery caused by losing Kim to Paul. He laments not being able to write a single song.
2. The bartender asks him what's wrong.
3. Kane starts to tell his story, and the story is told by the "Space Bound" performance.
4. The bartender feels sorry for Kane, and offers him a place to stay so he can recuperate. The Bartender's name is Wayne. The two quickly become friends.
5. After a few weeks of getting better and living away from Kim and Paul, Kane is able to write again.
6. Deciding to return home for a bit to see how Kim is holding up without him (he does this against his better judgement) he finds himself taking a detour through his old neighborhood and starts having memories.
7. His nostalgia leads into "White Trash Party (W.T.P.)"
8. Kane arrives at his house to find that Paul has moved in and he has basically lost the house to the two. After a fit of rage, he calms down just as Wayne pulls up. When Wayne is filled in on the situation, he suggests that he tell Kim exactly how he feels. Wayne says he'll back Kane up all the way.
9. Their duo leads into "No Love" with Wayne doing Lil' Wayne's bit, and Kane doing Em's.
10. As they drive away, Kane feels better than ever. He could take on anything.
11. His happiness leads into the closing number of this episode "On Fire".

Episode 3: 25 to Life

1. The episode opens with Kim talking on the phone with Kane. Kim's crying about how Paul started hitting her agaiin, and Kane tries to act surprised. When Kim asks what she should do, Kane responds, “It's not what you should do, it's what you SHOULD have done.” When Kim asks what he means, he says, “Think real hard, Kim. What could you have done to avoid this?” There's a silence, and Kim whispers I'm Sorry. “I'll decide whether or not to accept it, and get back to you. Goodbye!” After he hangs up, he laughs, then turns angry. He yells about not being able to write anything while Kim is alive and on his mind. He mentions a song he'd been trying to write and finish for years, but can't because of her.
2. His anger over Kim leads into “25 to Life”.
3. Later in the day, Kane gets a call from Wayne. He's hurt, dying, and use his last bit of life to let him know who did it. With his final breath, Wayne manages to say “It's Wayne, man. I really fucked up, yo. I went back to your house to see if I could throw Paul out for you. Maybe give you a chance with Kim again. Bad idea...The fool has a gun. He shot me, Kane. I can feel the pain, but I had to let you kno-” and then he dies. Kane starts to flip, and then breaks down.
4. His lamenting leads into “You're Never Over”.
5. Kane drives over to his house full of rage, and confronts Paul. An argument ensues, and Kane ends up shooting Paul before he had the chance to do the same.
6. Kane is hauled off to prison where he has a monologue about why he did this...What it was all for...And why it went the way it did.
7. This leads into “Talkin' 2 Myself”
8. The episode comes to a close with the crying of a baby, and the voice of Kim saying, “If your father could see you now, honey, he'd be so proud. But he made bad choices, and never got out of his cell. His music was what he was proud of...I hope you can grow up and finish what he started, and be the success he always wanted to be.”

Episode 4: Almost Famous (Finale)

1. The setting is a concert, where a performer named Stan Dido Jr. is the main event.
2. He opens with the first verse of “Almost Famous” before stopping and saying, “My father started writing this song when he was still alive. Although I never met him, I know he was a great man with great talent. These last two verses? They're his.”
3. Kane's voice finishes rapping the last two verses, and the credits for the series roll.
4. Start planning another artist's album to do this with?
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