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First Poem/Acapella ?

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First Poem/Acapella ?

Postby Relapse. » Oct 31st, '14, 21:09

Just found this in my old email from when I was 17. This was actually written on my first day of rehab. Totally forgot about it (too shot out :'( ), what do you guys think? I never asked anyone's opinion of it. I think I kinda just wrote it, typed it up, forgot about it. Not trying to become a rapper or anything, just looking for an opinion asides from my own. I think it's pretty cool. Kinda dark, but those were the dark days for me. Anyways here it is.

I have adapted to reality, it was sad to be shipped to an academy, where I began to act unnaturally, remembered my dormant insanity, it awoke and I began to yell profanity, as I ran around unhappily unaware of a fatality that would show them my mentality which unfortunately was brutality, and under confidentiality I have a generic abnorm-ality, my story starts off lavishly - From the garage acquired some gadgetry and rapidly made a strategy to run over to a pageantry and live my final fantasy where I claimed a girl my majesty, and ran to her room all happily, began to think elaborately, oh no I grabbed the gadgetry, suddenly all the insanity had the devil teach me alchemy, and the potions I whipped up valiantly, in the tub she got in thankfully, as I began to think of atrophy, and sped it up so happily, potions I pour on her gradually, slowly causing a catastrophe, beginning to rethink my sanity, my actions were caused erratically, I sit and think in some type of normality, fuck. this was reality, thought about the academy, and how they'd act so drastically, there was no option now you see, off a building came my end so tragically.
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Cuz I ain't crazy I say shit that's crazy to crazy people to make em believe I'm crazy so they can relate to me and maybe believe in shady so they can be evil baby I LIKE THAT.

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