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How Do I Keep My Head Up

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How Do I Keep My Head Up

Postby shadyphantom91 » Nov 5th, '14, 17:42

Just a little rhyme I wrote a while back. Let me know what you guys think.

How do I keep my head up
When life seem like it just won't let up
Why do I even get up, might as well take a sed-a-tive
No difference between the days cause everyday's repe-ti-tive
Most of the time I am my own fellowship
Don't even want to talk to other humans cause my life ain't booming or exciting
It's so dull that it's quite frightening
My days are spent looking inside myself
Constantly meditating but never elevating my mindstate
Smiling outside saying that I'm great
When I write rhymes that's the only time I ever let loose
Being depressed is of no use but I can't help but be it
My circumstances just help to feed it.
[b]I float like B.I.G.'s spirit in this bitch I'm ghostly
Rush me, cause you aint gonna live to roast me/b]
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