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Devils Crime

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Devils Crime

Postby Littliepuppys713 » Nov 6th, '14, 21:21

Eminem is hip pop sucking on toy cock, wearing rings
Delusional king, not wearing my thingsssss
Rap God, you must be kidding right, Mariah fight, goodnight
Lady Death Queens dissect Dream Teams, D12 you 2, Love Cin and Proofs Crew
No gin and juice here or beer just A Mean Dear:
Promise to be true u rapped for who, praying for molesters
Child protestor violating ex-wife can't correcter,
Took Scott, crumbled her pedophile box, underage movie locks, making money getting off, god make it stop
Chicken pox, illegal stalks, got caught, shady got you lost.
Dames won't be bought, penis pure, Slim Shady pu
Eminem has vd too , herpes tea, syphilis pee,
That's three, MMIII fine for me, not even for free your not worth the fee
Jenny takes pics Asian witch, licking Posenbergs stick
Jennifer writes books about the bedroom girl nooks
Oh the looks, poor soulless and shook, cooked, booked, mistook, your
Faking Detroits Number 1, not even 313 hun, screening calls as i walk through walls.
NO you can't have mine, too solid with sprinkles of fine, hate your whine.
Mercy's free she's me merci Jenny Brunet the Hannah way
Jenny Brunet English pawns bet, You will not Forget this sonette wearing a bonnette
My lips wet, SkyMaryNet, Parros biting from OVO an owl Named Joe, Tyler Pray run to Dre
Toronto knows your a dirty foe, fast lipped yet slow, we know your a hoe, committed sins
Everbody wins, Diss this miss that, failed to show heres how shadys story goes
Lip singing on stage causeing mad miss rage
Nothing like Mase theirs the talent case
Arts not your fortee, walk away
Singing that today, sweaty and gay,
Kept me away, wells dry anywaysss, faking happy feeling crappy
Praise the day, evils phaze, turns to glaze
Hollywood shadows locked in coke battles
Bound to plastic it's fantastic
Barbie is Ken Jen never try with him again he's not even a friend
Funny mend, in a hamster when, names hen past 10
Gerbils free, Super Marios pisstory blend
Blaming your crew WE see through, Your supergoo and your online as who?
1997 lead to possible heaven past seven now,
Too late shut the gate forget 8. 2 years of pineing with what you claim is rhyming, back too
1999, personal hells time, created from pedos, lies, rape victims crys,
B-is, nasty guys, icp creating power through cds making me dizzy, Drakes gone fizzy
Damn fell scraped his knee, mind taped again Phiannas no friend, Angels of hate Seal their Fate
Pan fried Satan's gate, saved by his Faith mate, story to tell, Satan's a God oh I fell, its going odd living in sod
pried God's hell with iron rod leaving a Strom of sad seas, witnessing misery With A&P
Selling off teens on porno magazines, Naked Stiches causing home glitches.
Dr puke your worse then a goof, far from douped
Horse hoofed poooh smells of douche. Mr mooch played a part.
Restart with Bravehearts, true friends will never part again,
With our holy march, Top charity charts, love starts, avoid sleeping darts
Cupids Farts, Took Parts from minnnieme, still owes me money, k-mart took your carts, blown beats apart
Thought they were so fine, ego blown this time, wedding bell chimes, Devils Crime no hooK or chours line,
binds the blind to see the free love from Me.
Madame Mercy
Littliepuppys or LP
Just Underworld Reporter .. Were the truth will be told and Secrets are no More
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Re: Devils Crime

Postby Just Silver » Nov 9th, '14, 23:11

Had some nice lines but the structure ruined the flow

Try to make it more compact there's multis but they seem to just get me lost with this structure
Subject matter was different not executed well but it's good to see new writers
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Re: Devils Crime

Postby SarkingMajor » Nov 10th, '14, 19:57


Eminem wrote:Sarking Major is 11/10 signing him to Shady records in 2015

True Wiz wrote:Damn, SarkingMajor can out rap half of you TR rappers :whew:

I'd work on your delivery a little though. Your flow was amazing in some parts man :y:

You could be the new Luna C in a few years

MattyB is GOAT anybody who says otherwise is just a dumb hater
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