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some deep shit about life

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some deep shit about life

Postby Minimii » Nov 14th, '14, 20:58

(took me days but i finally got it done, this verse i mean, im thinking of recording)

im basically jesus
doing this shit when i was 3
i killed my pet rock cos it stood in my way
like hey, i aint no thug but i suck more cock than chicken
licking dem balls like im spitting yea
what im saying aint gay, im just confident, i got game
whose to blame, you or not do what yo do its all good
i was just cleaning my house, with hose and rags
them hoes like vacuum cleaner when i fuck em
theyre lucky to bear my children
like your mother did, when i banged her before supper
today it was insane, i almost got laid twice
but then i put my dick up your ass before you noticed
yes i came in like two seconds im virgin
my erect dick like a turbine and i cant even count all the pussy ive been in
my balls are divergent it's strange and orgasms are urgent
cos i got no time to waste, so i come with haste
your bitch wanted a taste so i let her suck my dick
like what was it, toothpick im not very big
but i still fuck alot like im sick with aids
like a fag like brokeback mountainif you know what im saying

link of tits /viewtopic.php?f=24&t=174900&p=2839821#p2839821
Cause you'll never take my pride from me
It'll have to be bribed from me"
- marshall "sellout" mathers
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Re: some deep shit about life

Postby Just Silver » Nov 18th, '14, 14:43

This was pretty shitty and sometimes didn't even rhyme

Although I laughed at the toothpick line
I'm not sure if you're a regular writer or not but if so you should write another and redeem yourself
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