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FriedSchizoprenic vs shadypanthom91

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FriedSchizoprenic vs shadypanthom91

Postby FriedSchizoprenic » Oct 11th, '14, 01:19

Sorry for being late.

shadypanthom, also know as shadycasper, a random faggot which tries to battle me
Really? Little bee, im the beast, a beat is useless to beat you and leave you without theet
Right now i am fighting with another phantom, none of you guys can defeat me, fucking newbies
Watch your mouth, in this videogame i am ARMA three and you are Call Of Duty
I eat noobs like i resolve Rubik's Cubes too dude, i would recommend you to surrender
You are like Bieber, you would never ever win this, i get around like 2Pac or Slender
Sorry if i am too much for you, my dialect got it from people that i doubt you even know
I was born with lyrical skills, ask your mother, literally when she meet me she put his head down
I was like wow, she really does a nice job, i couldn't defeat her so i say "fuck it, im going to blow now"
White sick milk stick in his teeth, i kiss his big lips and leave her pregnant, baby got down syndrome, im out

hi bro i have a question do you got a problem like a problem i can resolve what you mean you are going to punch me bro i just want to see aaaah aaaah stop stop is a prank is a praaaaaaaaank
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Re: FriedSchizoprenic vs shadypanthom91

Postby shadyphantom91 » Oct 11th, '14, 03:02

You made a mistake when you decided to battle me
You winning, I think this schizo has lost all contact with reality
Destroying this fag would be a great service to humanity
I mean it's in his name his brain is fried
This is not murder I prefer to call it assisted suicide
You are just not up to my caliber
Vets scared to battle so I'm stuck bodying amateurs
I'm begging TR to give me some more worthy challengers
You aint even a threat so I consider this playtime
Is killing a schizoprenic persons considered a hate crime.
[b]I float like B.I.G.'s spirit in this bitch I'm ghostly
Rush me, cause you aint gonna live to roast me/b]
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