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Spyder vs Atone (audio)

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Spyder vs Atone (audio)

Postby Spyder » Nov 24th, '14, 22:49

rules: roughly two minutes, beat or pella.

This my first battle verse in half or third of a year
But whys this battle vs a cat thats worse than half of em here,
Its Atone minus the name Dog though the demeanor the same, wrong
Side of the bed determines the mindset that he may spawn.
They told me don’t kill em, its not fair, don’t slay Dog
Well I don’t care what fair-is this is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!
-Lets Go-
I know my flow like Biggie, you like Iggy mimicing my style bro
You like Biggie’s facial features the space between us bigger than your eyes though.
One complaint they make is I lack personals, like I respect you?
But this shit is a Game to me, I gotta attack your Character to get on another level.
Y’all heard his fucking tracks it aint rap hes succeeded in
So one day his dreams just switch to a fucking comedian.
But ive seen your stand up, I aint lying… shits Godly
Shit stop me, only way you ‘touched the fam’ is like Bill Cosby!
One day hes your best friend giving you daps, tipping his hat
The next you’ve never been cool and theres a Switch in your back,
That kind gets to me, even if you stayed an asshole I’d let it be
How are supposed to get accepted when you never set it G,
Your making moves to write more and represent the league
But you need to be like John Cusack and kill of your Identities!
I know he’ll say I called him out cause he did Silver so dirty
Nah he ducked me too, man that little fag squirmy…
Calling out half the team aint personal fuck the friendship
But id ghost Silver anyway, this is just getting fucking credit.
Modeled his whole rap persona around Royce kids obsessed
Wants to be black so bad surprised he hasn’t given himself Sickle yet.
This what happens when an Underdog meets a pissed Vet
Ill show him the Dead People cause no way Nickel has a Sixth Sense! (cents)
He called out Jaba and Based, they would batter you bro
Don’t know why I say it it’s a fact you actually know
Seems like he on his bullshit, this the douche half of Atone
Guess its his time of the month, just hope his pad catches the flow.
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Re: Spyder vs Atone (audio)

Postby Atone » Nov 24th, '14, 23:54

nice, i went to a beat tho, hope it's up to standards ... tone-verse

Let me start from the beginning off the top of the dome
this faggot tryin to battle, should of just left me alone
whats a spyder to a dog? homie i crush ya with ease
this kids a busta, he's nothin, i got em on his knees
he don't wanna dance with me, i come with ruthless agression
better get ready, this is more than a sparring session
i come to teach you a lesson, here let me put you on some game
i know we battled in the past but a few things have changed
your still a faggot tho, and i'm about to make you feel this pain
when i drop some gems in these bars, it'll drive you insane
2 minutes of fire in this flow, i come in to smash ya
to me this shit comes natural, just call me a dizaster
i crush you in a battle and make you look like a bastard
No remorse and no mercy when i come in and drop ya
it's a lyrical knock out but call up a doctor
cuz ya heart is stopped and they gonna need to shock ya

(Verse 2)
You asked for it, so now i'm cocked, locked, and aimed
ready to pop shots at lames, i drop lots of flames
you stopped, dropped in shame, cuz i brought lots of game
and you wasn't expectin this, you thought i was an easy target
wasn't expectin an artist so you thought you could come with garbage
well you shoulda tried ya hardest, cuz now you look retarded
i'm leavin you deparded, this is somethin you shouldn't of started
cuz i'm blastin to make you look like the laughin stock
Atone the new god, move over sypder you just an after thought
I came to rock so gimmi a mic and let me check it
when i rhyme i get wreckless, shits about to get hecktic
you better respect it, drop a beat and i bless it
i'm not to be messed with, i'm leavin ya breathless
and haters get left with a brand new shiney crimson neckless
i just keep comin with freshness, left brain, right brain
hit you with an uppercut, i bring the pain like wu tang
Let me call up ya family, i gotta tell em i appologise
i stepped on a spyder, i guess he shoulda realized
messin with me wasn't to wise, i had to bring em down
bitch slappin this little shit, now bring me the crown
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