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Re: Official Battle Rap Section Discussion

Postby sneakerheadshady » Nov 27th, '13, 03:09

DetroitSkills wrote:
sneakerheadshady wrote:
Spyder wrote:Watch a lot of kotd and don't flop battles. Look at our guidelines in this section.
Shows what we're looking for, and some tips how to do it. Just see what others battlers do on here as well.

What's kotd? Idk what itnmeans, in sneakers it means kicks of the day.


thanks man, what is kingofthedot though?
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Re: Official Battle Rap Section Discussion

Postby momentsgolden » Dec 3rd, '13, 20:02

Random post, not sure if relevant....

But was listening to Watching Movies with the sound off today. I still haven't heard one bar from Mac Miller (literally, no joke, he is THAT bland) but Loaded Lux on Red Dot Music KILLED it. His verse was battle ready and a pleasant surprise.
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