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New Battle Rap Rules

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New Battle Rap Rules

Postby SajN » Jan 10th, '10, 20:44

-written by Spyder

These are the new and improved rules for the Rap Battle Section.

Be creative with every verse, remember that talking about having sex with your opponents girlfriend isn’t clever nor a good personal. Be different from your peers.

Never let the battle raps go into another section of the forum, remain level headed and mature about battling. Make sure to enjoy yourself and show off your battling talents. Any thread that is not a battle, or has to do with the section it self will be closed or moved no questions asked. Personal problems with a specific member or ruling in the battle section should be taken up with Spyder, SajN, Geno, Menzo, or Emadyville. All of which are Mods or Admins

In the Call-Out Section specify the ruling for the battle taking place. [Example]

3-0 KO
4-1 TKO
5 votes the winner
Tie vote gives no one a vote

These rules are decided by the person who posted the call out, you can have other rules or stipulations like

2 rounds
flipping allowed*
topical battle etc.

*If “no flipping” is not mentioned in the call-out, it is still not allowed. Flipping is only an option for multi-round battles.

Also, the first post in a battle must contain the voting form below, so that it is quicker and easier for the voters to vote.

When voting you must breakdown your votes into these categories, the point values beside the categories represent the “worth” of said category. Tally up the points, and the battler with the highest points wins the battle.

(3) Punchlines
(3) Personals
(2) Multies
(1) Flow
(1) Structure
(1) Vocab/Complex

there are to be no talking or views given before the votes are made by the official judges of the judge pool. any comment before votes are cast, or any vote made by a non-judge-pool member shall be deleted.

If you’re new to this text battling stuff read below explaining the categories.

PERSONALS - The information you get specifically about your opponent. make the verse to them by looking at their profile, using their name, or using what topics and things they've said against them.

FLOW - Means how well it flows… when your reading it if it goes to a beat which sounds ok in your head, then the flow aspect is there.

STRUCTURE - the illustration or the syllable count... each line should be close to equal size
here is good structure.

PUNCHES - How well you put the opponent down, its the voters decision to decide which punch was hard

MULTIES – Multies are multi-syllable words or multiple words that rhyme.
[Example] Fire-balls/higher-falls/liar-calls

RHYMES - When voting check if it actually rhymes, not looks like a rhyme. The more complex the rhyme is the better.

VOCAB - This is the depth of words used, if bigger words are used it makes the verse stand out more, adds something to your multies, and can make the punch stick out.

COMPLEXITY - Its the complexity of a line, it could have built in metaphors linked with mutlies with high vocab. its not the simplicity that’s focused on its the complexity.

NAMEPLAY - this is how you use your opponents name to make a mockery of him.
[Example] If your opponent is “Jackhammer” you can say… “Your hammer is jacked in a grown mans ass”
or, “Your just a Jack waitin for a Hammerin.” Whatever, as long the name is used.

There is a specific judge pool in a stickied thread in the Rap Battle Section, only those in the pool may vote on any given battle, if you want the chance to vote take it up with me(Spyder).

There are often Rap battle tournaments held by various members, any member may hold a tournament but needs to check in with Spyder before starting, after one member has won three tournaments they will receive a page in the "legends" section of the Battle board.

Audio Battles are to be taken the same way, make a callout specifically saying "audio call out"
however the voting system is slightly different and is listed below:

(5) Personals
(5) Punchlines
(5) Flow
(5) Delivery
(1) Complexity
(1) Mixing/Mastering
(1) Beat Choice

Acapella Battles
(5) Personals
(5) Punchlines
(5) Flow
(5) Delivery
(3) Multies
(1) Complexity/Vocab
(1) Mastering

again this is a point system, point value is on the left and the highest points wins the battle
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