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What's the difference between men and women's brains?

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Re: What's the difference between men and women's brains?

Postby ganjakush56 » Apr 3rd, '14, 01:53

gutawafang wrote:
ganjakush56 wrote:
gutawafang wrote:I think it's the heart that matters more to differentiate between a man and a woman. A brain is just to make the body function, like walking or talking or breathing. And also store memories. Whereas the heart decides. The heart is the initial spark to a brain's motors.

from a scientific standpoint, what the actual fuck are you talking about?

The heart tells the brain what to do.

No it doesn't. The brain and then the central nervous system regulate and control the heart, and every other physical process that is performed by the human body through electrical charges and the exchange of sensory and chemical information. The heart cannot contract without the electrical stimulus of the nervous system. The heart merely sustains the body systems by circulating oxygenated blood throughout the blood stream via veins and arteries and nothing more. One does not die because the heart stops beating; one dies because their vital organs (especially the brain) are deprived of oxygen, causing damage to nerve tissue and the overall deterioration of that organ.

Emotionally charged decisions and actions are not derived from the heart (unless you are appealing to the popular colloquialism of "using your heart"). Aspects of the source of the phenomena of emotion can be observed in the brain through chemical and electrical processes. The rest can be attributed to the mind.

The brain controls all involuntary and semi involuntary (breathing, etc.) body functions. The mind, our consciousness, our experience, our conditioned world views, philosophical and religious outlooks, and personal circumstances dictate how we behave and what actions we take in any given time unless that action is solely for the pursuit of biological sustenance/survival. If one is dehydrated to the point where death is a possibility, one will not dwell on the intellectual extracurriculars (such as philosophizing about Cartesian Dualism); they will try to find water at all costs because they are biologically driven to do so.

On topic: to argue a difference between the brains of men and women is childish because to do so, one must generalize and ignore all the differences and variations within each of the two contrasting demographics. In addition, neuroscience has not uncovered exactly and in totality, what the brain is or how it works. To begin an argument that there is a brain difference between the two sexes is already appealing to the presupposition that the brain is fully understood when in reality, it isn't.

I'd say that if there are any real differences between men and women that inform our behavior, it would be physical and hormonal differences. Estrogen makes the individual behave differently than testosterone but then again, the levels of estrogen versus testosterone vary between men and vary between women. There is never any clear overarching difference between all men and all women aside from the penis and testicles versus the vagina and uterus. (To play devil's advocate, I say "well what about hermaphrodites?". Where do they fall in this debate?)

In short, the human experience is far too complicated to have a debate about behavior impacting differences between men and women that would yield actual and legitimate conclusions.
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Re: What's the difference between men and women's brains?

Postby Excita » Apr 3rd, '14, 16:01

Didn't understand a shit... :D
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