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Bride kidnapping caught on video

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Bride kidnapping caught on video

Postby DetroitSkills » Oct 14th, '14, 18:49

A “Borat”-style bride kidnapping was caught on tape in his home country of Kazakhstan — where taking a woman to be your lawfully wedded hostage is a very real and widely accepted custom.
Disturbing video footage titled “Stealing the Bride” shows a girl in the central Akmola region screaming and crying as she is dragged to the home of her future husband, Central European News reports.

The scene has all the makings of a traditional marriage ceremony — Kazakh music, a special bridal carpet and loads of confetti being thrown in celebration.
But instead of a blushing bride-to-be enjoying her big day, the shocking video shows a frightened girl being seized from her home and forced into marrying someone against her will.

How in the fuck is this OK? :coffee:
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Re: Bride kidnapping caught on video

Postby runSA » Oct 17th, '14, 02:23

So apparently some of the things in Borat people from Kazakhstan actually do. In all seriousness though kidnapping a woman and forcing her to marry you is morally and spiritually wrong
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