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Huffington Post: The Future Remembers Bill Cosby

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Huffington Post: The Future Remembers Bill Cosby

Postby MatthewLives99 » Nov 24th, '14, 19:11 ... 99222.html

"Class," he says, sniffing the air. "I'd suggest the Cosby scandal represents more than your average takedown of a beloved public figure. Coupled with the previous summer's #ALSChallenge -- in which normal citizens were compelled to dump ice water on their heads -- 2014 was the true watershed year for viral campaigning and digital communications. So to speak. With the benefit of hindsight, we recognize now that these were the moments when Twitter and social media truly asserted its financial clout. It's fascinating, brilliant stuff."

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Re: Huffington Post: The Future Remembers Bill Cosby

Postby Atone » Nov 24th, '14, 19:12

Bill's innocent

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