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General News Section Guidelines [read before posting]

Post and have discussions on the latest news from around the world.

General News Section Guidelines [read before posting]

Postby AspirinE » Apr 8th, '07, 14:42

The "General News" section is primarily intended for relevant new information about entertainment and the world events, this includes:

  • Hip Hop news and updates
  • News and updates about Any other genre of Music
  • Political and Cultural events coverage

Anything of the kind.

Basic Guidelines:
  • Do not spam
    spamming can be identified as irrelevant posting, persistent bumping of old news topics that are at present (irrelevant) and meaningless posts containing one or two words, that would be of no interest to the user that posts next.

    Persistent Spamming is punishable by a ban from forums after a warning is ignored, as you are required to read the rules and abide them to make other users experience more enjoyable (and if you did not read the rules and broke this rule without knowing, the warning given to you by a mod will remind you to read the rules)
  • Consideration of others opinions and feelings:
    This rule rule should be pretty obvious and it is up to you to judge and understand were to apply it. This rule also is relevant to the main rules of the community concerning racisms, disagreement feuds and dislike of members.

BEFORE POSTING NEWS, please also read the News Formatting guideline HERE
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