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Video exposes street harassment in New York

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Re: Video exposes street harassment in New York

Postby DetroitSkills » Nov 3rd, '14, 12:09

Guess_Who wrote:I won't even comment on the last pages because you are getting everything wrong. And make out of this some social analysis implying feminists and whatever, everytime a woman complain , same story.

Like I said 100 times, neither of the women posting here said it is not annoying getting so much attention in the street. It's not about the guy saying good morning, it's about another type of guys. Why would someone have to grab my ass in the street? should I feel flattered because of that? ....And btw I don't know any girl who enjoys that kind of attention.

ah....this is making me mad so I leave the thread. The last video is funny.

the video is manufactured outrage, simple as that, i hear what u saying however but u left so :flower:
as for the last vid yep was supposed to be funny lel :happy:
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Re: Video exposes street harassment in New York

Postby Trimss » Dec 1st, '14, 15:03

Menzo wrote:
Calandre wrote:“She showed great moral courage, stood up and helped, and I really hope that won’t be forgotten. It’s simply not ok for a guy to raise his hand against a girl, that’s the reason I’m here”, said Yakup Simseki, a member of a support group for Tugce.


Double standards.
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