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! Serious Debate Rules ! (Must Read)

Fellow ladies and fella Master-Debaters, discuss serious topics.

! Serious Debate Rules ! (Must Read)

Postby SajN » Jan 27th, '13, 00:37

This section is made for serious discussions (it is of course allowed to have a joke here and there, as long as it is within the theme of the thread). If you feel like you don't have anything to contribute with in a topic, then don't post at all. The Mods have all rights to delete posts that has no value, for example posts containing only emoticon, or just one word. Freeposting/spam should not happen either.

We urge our members to participate in the discussions, but with a respectable manner (and hopefully with some intelligence). If a thread starts going away from it's original theme, and it keeps doing it after a common warning, the topic will be locked, and warnings/points may be given.

Remember: you are here to discuss a certain topic, NOT a member! If you have a problem with a members discussion abilities, do NOT flame or insult or degrade that member. If it happens, the topic may get locked, warnings/bans will be given, and you will ruin the discussions for the others. If it continues, a ban from this section may occur.

If the same members keep getting on each others toes (when the posts are more about the members, than the actual topic) in different threads, one or more members will be banned from this section for a certain amount of time. Who will be banned will be decided by the Mods.

I expect everyone to read this thread (if you're going to be active in this section). "I didn't see the thread" or "I don't agree with it" will not work if you violate any of these rules.

Thanks for your co-operation.

- The Staff
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