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Malaysia plane crashes in Ukraine

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Re: Malaysia plane crashes in Ukraine

Postby Him Shadow » Jul 17th, '14, 21:51

Blogs McGooch wrote:
himshadow wrote:
Whitefox wrote:Yeah, himshadow, those words about your willing to kill Russians are quite offending, you know.

you know I live in a small country Poland, we had a big history with Russia, not really good for us and now every day I hear what Putin is doin' and I'm kind of of afraid how my future will looks like, specially that Poland now is weak as fuck, I also think that Russians are really stupid, they actually proved that today by killin' almost 300 people by mistake


go to that country for a few days or just watch 'only in russia' videos, pretty much the same
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Re: Malaysia plane crashes in Ukraine

Postby CanadaPure » Jul 17th, '14, 21:54

Please use this thread for the discussion about the tragedy (as posted by heskman): viewtopic.php?f=27&t=172466

I'd like to point out that this borders on full out racism, and is not acceptable/against the forum rules:
3.Racism/Offensive Posts: (2 Points)

3.1 The “Racism” concept itself includes posts that are offensive for more than simply race, which includes: religion, ethnicity, homeland, sexuality, family, etc.
3.2 Posts that are written offensively regarding this issue are unacceptable. Whether you’re joking with someone you are friends with, or just trying to be funny in general and not offensive, remember that your posts can be seen by all members.
3.3 The penalty for racist comments will be determined based on the circumstances, but can range from a formal warning to a section or forum ban.
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