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Opinion about austria and germany

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Re: Opinion about austria and germany

Postby Troll » Oct 8th, '14, 09:32

Blogs McGooch wrote:
Yeah seriously wtf. This is supposed to be a serious, mature debate yet OP sinks down to a childish level :facepalm

Anyway, on topic, I've been to both Germany and Austria and thought they were beautiful and amazing places. I'd say there's not actually that much racism and the people for the most part have tried to put all the horrors of WWII and previous atrocities behind them. The people were actually very tolerant and kind and I'd definitely go back, to both countries actually. :y:

EDIT: Can't say too much about them being similar or not because I was only in Austria for about a day.

Yeah you are right.
Sry for this statement

How long is it ago that you have been in austria and germany and in which cities?
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