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Finally I can make an essay about Encore :flutter:

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Re: Finally I can make an essay about Encore :flutter:

Postby DetroitSkills » Nov 8th, '14, 00:31

Rafael wrote:Who's Jaba?

loob, but bein srs, i dont think jaba would really care, its not like raul postin this ss for sake of comedy means hes a scumbag whos postin ur shit everywhere. its bout an album that two ppl really like and the joke is he gets to express his love for it with an essay, if youre offended jaba, fuck off. and anyone who thinks this certain post is a problem too, you fuck right off aswell. that bein said if jaba had sent him a message saying "i cut myself and im sad" and raul posted it, then yes thats an issue, use common sense.
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