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Mat Demaz x Breast Milk - Jumping Jack Jigaboos

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Mat Demaz x Breast Milk - Jumping Jack Jigaboos

Postby mdemaz » Nov 25th, '14, 06:06

first single from PYTHMAZ little punkz


[Verse 1]
Yeah mat's backs and I'm on the fuckin rag
All you fuckin rappers suck ass you better step back
Jaba and atone suck dick just fuckin' quit
They both sound like girls taking a dump and piss
Is therre something I missed, nah you guys are just shit
Atone, why is it so hard to flow on a beat dumb bitch
All you internet rappers are retarded, it's true indeed
Youll don't even know how to produce a beat
You wanna shoot police in songs, but your asses I'll soion delete
You're all a disgrace to human beings
Jaba critisized me, what a hurt little punk
When he sounds like a deformed baby with an external lung
I get more ass than toilet seat fuck your noisey beats
I produce the freshest shit, so keep your voices deep
Don't speak up to me with bullshit, you're walking into a bull pit
You can't tell me nothing, like a mute
I can't dispute you're retardnessness it does compute

Everybody tries too hard
Your music sucks, so suck my cock (x2)

[Verse 2]
Everybody rap like they wanna be Eminem
Fuck Eminem, I wanna be Demaz
Tragically, he gets more ass than me
A combination so sick, it's magic, see
If you're asking me, we just passed Eedee
Record sales; 6000 in the past 3 weeks
Got bitches on my dick, suckin' for the seed
Look over at Mat, he's got 6 more than me
Then they say Jaba has this new hot mixtape
Listen to it: Eyes bleed, nose bleeds, ears bleed
Order in the court, let's hear the jury
Sentenced to quit music in a hurry


fuck all yall
s/o to Eedee Python CP Horse Snake Pain SaJn Silver Cement Excitaz PK Rolly GW EG Charlotte Kasia Mel Wiz Solace TRex SliK Aone Atone Trimss Menzo Geno Fish Jaba Detroit Blogs Based lil_b IBR DA! Mono ROM NRG Bigray Hesky Francesco Yoda Noddy Raul
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Re: Mat Demaz x Breast Milk - Jumping Jack Jigaboos

Postby DƎRDYPK » Nov 25th, '14, 06:10

___________#MegaLan #CH #ImageforVet #NNWO #FreeSticcy #ProtectSSLP #PorchMonkey4Life #JonJafari4President #Hopsin&BasedShadyGimmeYoPS4z
___________ This beat > & This mashup >, HipHopShelter, Charles Hamilton media database
Eminem wrote:Charles Hamilton/Manson & Bronson
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Re: Mat Demaz x Breast Milk - Jumping Jack Jigaboos

Postby CanadaPure » Nov 25th, '14, 06:17

i was on thiz song
That was me in BK on Atlantic. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) BasedSig
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