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Shady XV Review thread

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Re: Shady XV Review thread

Postby FriedSchizoprenic » Nov 26th, '14, 19:37

Post it again.



Seems legit.

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Re: Shady XV Review thread

Postby slimmatters » Nov 26th, '14, 19:41

would have been much higher
4 positive reviews to one blind folded negative review.
Pitchfork probably didnt even hear the album
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Re: Shady XV Review thread

Postby Mr Change » Nov 26th, '14, 19:58

I can't believe what would be a great score is being destroyed by a single awful review. The music industry sucks sometimes
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Re: Shady XV Review thread

Postby TheBoss123 » Nov 26th, '14, 20:13

Yoda wrote:
TheBoss123 wrote:
Kill You wrote:I would trust HHDX before Pitchfork any day.

Yeah I mean its clear when you read a review about Eminem they have an agenda, and have a bias against him. Why even write it in the format of a review then, go write it in a blog or some shit. Opinion pieces do not belong under the guise of a review. What Pitchfork does is actually incredibly irresponsible. They're either not smart enough to figure out his rhyming or they just have this unshakable bias. At least when speaking about their "review" of MMLP2... I haven't heard the new album yet.

Also can someone explain to me whats more misogynistic about the cartoonish levels of violence in Eminems lyrics and the actual objectifying of women that happens in any given Kanye West Album, Chief Keef album or Lil Wayne album. Thats not even to shit on those rappers, but it feels like its a double standard when they use it as a talking piece for the article.

If this was violence towards men or anyone else I would laugh in the same way, it's supposed to be ridiculous, taking shit too seriously is a failure on the part of the individual. If he was actually promoting and threatening actual violence there would be an issue.. but he's not, he's been here for 15 years at this point and not once has he laid a finger on a single female celebrity. Taking something seriously thats not meant to be taken seriously doesnt make sense to me. The way he does it is so impersonal anyway, half the shit he says can be reduced to insert persons name here then continue on the rhyme. He's not a newborn I'm sure he's capable of telling right from wrong.

well said fam :y:

Thank you :b:
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