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Check'it out if ya interested....

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Check'it out if ya interested....

Postby reelex » Jun 22nd, '05, 05:42

anyway..if u r not interested..just simply skip apologiez...

Hey everyone!
I found this while browsing around a few weeks ago and gave it a try! I'm usually really cautious about these things and so I

checked the real postal laws and it really is legal. So I gave it a whirl. I followed the directions and after two weeks it

actually made enough to finance a new local! Since this was geared towards American
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Closet Cleaner
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Postby The Rock » Jun 22nd, '05, 05:56

yo Sorry man but I don't believe in this kind of stuff...
My opinion :lol:

holla back... if u want ? :lol:
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The Rock
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Trailer Trash
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Postby Sunni » Jun 22nd, '05, 08:09

Can i do it in australia?

Postby Curious » Jun 22nd, '05, 11:40

This is a scam, whether it's legal in your country or not. The only people who ever make any money on these things are the con artists behind them. Please don't waste your money and time on these things - spend your money on charity instead, it'll do a lot more good.

Could you please stop posting this kind of crap on these boards, it's just so annoying!
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thats right

Postby eminemcaparica » Jun 22nd, '05, 12:42

you right curious, stop with that stupid sheet.
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Role Model
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Postby B.A.D. » Jun 24th, '05, 19:58

pure bullshit... that's what I think
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Postby 4D » Jun 24th, '05, 22:23

Whatta piece of shit!, piss off outta this forum with dat shit.
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