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Call Out Guide

Want to battle? Let the people know and call them out here.

Call Out Guide

Postby SajN » Jan 10th, '10, 20:47

Posting Call Outs

When posting a call out, if its to a direct member have it titled simply “Calling Out ______” so for an example it would be “Calling Out Coleon.”

After the person has accepted the call out edit “accepted” into the title. I will then lock the call out thread. If the person has rejected the call out edit into the title “rejected”, and I will lock the thread. Feel free to call them out again in a couple of days (3 or 4) if you call out the same member 3 hours after they have rejected the call out it will be deleted and you will be warned.

When posting a Call Out to any member, post "Open Call Out"

In each Call Out thread, post the rules in which the specific battle has, [Examples]
2 Or More Rounds
No Biting
No Flipping
No Recycled Material
How Many Lines

Please abide by these rules to make the Call-Out thread easier and cleaner looking.
Also to make the Rap Battle section go smoother with the help of this section.
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