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Scoop DeVille Says 50 Cent Wanted "Poetic Justice"

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Scoop DeVille Says 50 Cent Wanted "Poetic Justice"

Postby SG. » Nov 1st, '12, 11:04


Scoop DeVille explains how the beat to Kendrick Lamar's "Poetic Justice" almost went to 50 Cent.

Over the past year, California-based producer Scoop DeVille has managed to score two hit records with Kendrick Lamar - first with "The Recipe," and then later with "Poetic Justice." Now, in a recent interview Q104.7 FM, Scoop explains how K. Dot's Drake-assisted cut almost went to a very different artist.

Scoop recalled that it was "The Recipe" that opened the door for him to lace Kendrick with "Poetic Justice," which samples Janet Jackson's "Any Time, Any Place." Prior to Kendrick, however, it was actually 50 Cent who was first interested in the record.

“[Janet Jackson's 'Any Time, Any Place'] hit me in a certain way, and I started vibing with it, created the record, and I knew it was going to be for somebody special," he said. “Then once I got with Kendrick and everybody, they were just really vibing with the record a lot, and after 'The Recipe' came out, it was just mandatory we just started doing more stuff. That was one of the records that stuck out with the label and Dre and everybody...I’m happy where it went and it got Drake on it, it got cleared by Janet, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, so that’s just amazing on its own.”

He added, "A couple artists wanted the record, I was playing it for a couple selective people at the time I was vibing with, like for 50 [Cent] and a couple other people. I'm just happy it went where it went 'cus it was a special project as it is...[it went to Kendrick because] it was more so just playing him all the special records that I had and I think he would appreciate. That was one of them...the reaction of people when he played it that was the one that stuck out. That was the priority at the time, was Kendrick's album and it was definitely something they were going to do together."

Check out the full video below. ... c-justice/
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