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Game Says Dr. Dre Will "Never" Release "Detox"

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Re: Game Says Dr. Dre Will "Never" Release "Detox"

Postby Francesco » Jun 8th, '13, 23:50

Despicable wrote:
Francesco wrote:
Despicable wrote:And he`s right.

Like somebody cares about Game's opinion that changes a few times a day... plus people won't even know how he is when he's Dre's age.

I dont give a fuck if people remember Game or not when hes Dres age.
Im just saying Game is right here.Detox will never come out,the hype for it has died all the fuck way down and Dre is too scared to fail or not being able to top The Chronic 2001,thats why he wont release it.

Game is the one who'd never know anything about Detox 'cuz he talks to much so Dre won't never give him whatever info about it. He always mentions people to get attention & that right here was yet again just that.
It just won't be released soon... but it'll come at some point.
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