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Why did 50 and Game fall off so hard?

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Re: Why did 50 and Game fall off so hard?

Postby Francesco » Sep 15th, '14, 16:41

Shpongle wrote:
Francesco wrote:Anytime little homie... :y:
Did you notice that the structure of the hook is similar to the Hate It Or Love It one? I think 50 initially did those hooks all on himself & then Game's part was just added afterward.
It would make sense actually 'cuz Hate It Or Love It was initially for 50's second album.

You're right, didn't noticed that...had no idea "Hate It Or Love It" was suppose to be on the Massacre, but you probably right though, they probably added Games part afterwards...50 has the best hooks, he's one of the best...Nate was the king though :worship:

It's from the original batch for 50's second album actually along with some others songs that ended up on Beg For Mercy, The Hunger For More & The Documentary. 50's said he started over after that & that's the other batch that was used for The Massacre.
I love 50's hooks as well... & I agree Nate was the best hookman too.
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