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Yours Truly ft. Gaijin The Triple6kid (Prod by. mjNichols)

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Yours Truly ft. Gaijin The Triple6kid (Prod by. mjNichols)

Postby Rossah » Aug 29th, '14, 23:52

First track i release off of my upcoming Mix Tape Demented Youth (One of the first songs i wrote)
16, Irish only started rapping seriously about 2 months back.. ... -mjnichols
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Re: Yours Truly ft. Gaijin The Triple6kid (Prod by. mjNichol

Postby Eedee » Sep 12th, '14, 08:23

I'm going to assume the first verse was you? If so, it wasn't the most terrible outing. Everything seemed really quiet, but you do have the gist of it down, just need to make sure your delivery is confident and you ride the beat better. I can hear you having some rhymes in there, though!

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