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2 New Songs "Crash" & "Say Some Things"

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2 New Songs "Crash" & "Say Some Things"

Postby Jaba » Nov 30th, '14, 00:38


Credits -
Lil Wayne, Bruno Mars for beat/vocals
Myself for Writing/vocals/mixing
some dude on youtube for re-making lil waynes beat (i still mixed it so that only a small part of the chorus was their)

Link- ... pcoming-lp

"Say Some Things"
Credits -
Greg Booth for the beat
myself for mixing/writing/vocals


Thanks for checking these out, Crash will be on my LP I am working on. That will be out in a few months. Say Some Things will be on my EP with beats all produced by Greg Booth, which will be out in a month or so. Crash will also be a bonus cut on their.

Thanks! Feedback/criticism is welcome and appreciated!

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Re: 2 New Songs "Crash" & "Say Some Things"

Postby TheVipBro » Nov 30th, '14, 00:55

reviewed this on HHS
but here is a repost
Damn b, Crash is way better than your older stuff, you've finally been able to put your voice on a song without whispering, now just work with more delivery (y) verses are too small imo but you've improved. Just those 2 things, writing and delivery need work.

Say Some Things:
Same thing as the other one but more work on writing then delivery. also verses are small on this too

Mixing is pretty good on both tracks, I won't rate cuz i know that i can't compare you with a normal rating from 1 to 10 cuz even really good rappers have like 2/10 tracks. keep working hard bruh

Prolly in a week or 2 i will upload one for feedback ;)
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