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LOL at me!

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LOL at me!

Postby Ethos » Dec 28th, '06, 02:51

Um yeah...
i just did this recording cuz i was bored, so it sucks.
and i didnt write anything to it. it was pretty much off the top of the puny brain that i have lol. anyways......... if you wanna laugh listen to me trying to freestyle. :laughing:

note: this isnt for anything special just laughs.

p.s. btw the coccoa thread didnt really help me in what i needed to know to clean up my vocals and normalize the volume so can some one help me? i'm using wavepad btw. :p
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Postby MoBrat » Dec 28th, '06, 08:22

u need 2 make the beat louder although the noise in the backround is not good when ur drunk i dont like the siren at all but not bad
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