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D12 Album Tease?

Threads on the subject of the rap group D12 to be posted here.

Re: D12 Album Tease?

Postby Mr.DGAF » Sep 7th, '11, 03:46

:laughing: DA, you're a boss. :worship:

Need that new D12 album soon though. Just thinking of something along the lines of Devil's Night, it'd be bonkers.
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Re: D12 Album Tease?

Postby UofLCard » Nov 2nd, '11, 22:26

JAGODA wrote:DevsAdvocate Devil's Advocate
@KunivaD12 features,producers? will we finally see you and Em kick it on some cold D shizznet!

KunivaD12 Kuniva
@DevsAdvocate coming soon bro! I'll post track list in a few weeks once the features are solid and complete!/KunivaD12/status/ ... 6599291904

:worship: :worship: :worship:

So where's that tracklist? :shifty:
LEVITIKUZ wrote:Did y'all know Eminem's initials are MM. Like his name!!!

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