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rank d12 members

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Re: rank d12 members

Postby FxTDilz » Feb 15th, '13, 23:03

Bizarre is definately my least favourite. Proof was my favourite
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Re: rank d12 members

Postby joshootMi » Mar 27th, '14, 13:36

1. Eminem
2. Proof
3. Swift
4. Kuniva
5. Kon Artist
6. Bizarre
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Re: rank d12 members

Postby J_Baggie » May 1st, '14, 22:25

Back in the day.. (devil's night & D12 world)

1. Eminem
2. Swifty (his devil's night era voice :worship: )
3. Kuniva
4. Proof
5. Kon Artis
6. Bizzy

-Eminem was at his peak around devil's night imo
-Swifts flow, delivery and lyrics were on point for me on devil's night. Pretty top quality on D12 world aswell
-Kuniva was always underrated imo. Some of the best quotables from D12 are his lyrics
-Proof was one dope rapper, and a great hype man. Plus we all know about his freestyling game. Nobody could mess with proofs freestyles
-Kon Artis seemed to range from average to Amazing. He had some pretty good verses, and his production is also note worthy
-Bizzy cracked me up. With his outrageous, controversial lyrics he captured attention and that's what he did best. Not the best rapper, but good at what he does

Now.. (Return Of The Dozen)(Not counting Kon Artis due to his departure)

1. Eminem
2. Kuniva
3. Fuzz (he murdered all his verses on ROTD2)
4. Swifty
5. Bizzy (apparently back with the dozen so I'll rank him)

-Eminem is eminem. GOAT
-Kuniva has always been consistent with his verses and has only improved since devil's night. His Midwest marauders mixtape series was pretty solid
-Don't get me wrong, swift is dope, and it was hard to place him and fuzz. But I prefer Fuzz's flow and style. Devil's night swift would be above him though. I need to hear more fuzz (I would greatly appreciate someone e-mailing me his mixtapes)
-Bizzy improved slightly I suppose. When he actually raps and doesn't try to mainly shock he goes pretty hard
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