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Favourite Lines (Non-Eminem)

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Re: Favourite Lines (Non-Eminem)

Postby yoda you can call me » Jun 1st, '14, 22:07

InsaneTRex94 wrote:"I'll reach in your mouth and pull your fucking skeleton out!"

Kuniva with the best line on Shit On You tbh.

I like that one too
Also, Proof on Blow My Buzz

Got the pills in my system, floating around
Every time I start drifting, someone open they mouth
Yo my ear been spit licked and freestyled in
I think I'm going def like most senile men
Only one good demo out of three thousand
(Yo I ain't wanna rap for you anyway) A'ight, peace out then!
Next nigga that bump me, I'mma do the Humpty
And elbow bitches, 'til everybody jump me

And Kon Artis on American Psycho

"Journey into the mind of a psychopath killer"
Light yo' ass like a liquid nitro-gas spiller
Psycho slash Michael Myers, Michael Jack's "Thriller"
Rifle slash knife faggot that's your "Cop Killer
The Matrix Has You

Image Image Image
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Re: Favourite Lines (Non-Eminem)

Postby UofLCard » Jun 11th, '14, 19:53

I'm at rave
Looking like a slave
High off chronic
Gin and tonic demonic
Body smelt like vomit
Pussy poppin', acid-dropping, dope heavy guy
Heroine mescaline pencilnecks, wanna try

And why the fuck I gotta ride the bench coach?
Already got expelled for wearin a trenchcoat

Me and Eminem and Mike
Drivin' down Van Dyke
Get my dick sucked late at night by a fuckin' transvestite
Still on probation for stranglin' my boy Jason
Should be takin' my medication, it's 9 to 10 I'm facin'

I run shit like an ass with legs
Massive lead to leave your cabbage red
Similar to your ass in a casket dead
Drastic spread of acid heads
Come to abort you like a bastard egg
That trash you said got you standin' on plastic legs
LEVITIKUZ wrote:Did y'all know Eminem's initials are MM. Like his name!!!

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Re: Favourite Lines (Non-Eminem)

Postby Mr Evil » Jun 27th, '14, 12:03

Pistol-whip a soldier with a missile on his shoulder :smoking:
S/O to Bizarre for wearing a WonderBra

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